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You might have observed quite often most of the people and particularly businessmen will be scribbling down in their dairy. All that they would be scribbling down is list of ‘tasks to do’ which is generally called as ‘Getting things to do’ (GTD). It is perhaps needless to mention that forgetting follow up on tasks could be a serious lapse in any business. Therefore, it is a wonderful ideal to make a list of task that need to be completed so that you do not miss any links in your tasks and you remain fully organized. But, this system of scribbling down on your dairy has one major drawback and that is; wherever you go, you will have to invariably carry the dairy which is almost imossible. To overcome this shortcoming, some of the innovative stationers have brought a kind of disposable plan or sheet which is popularly called as ‘Next Action Cards’.

Entering details in a dairy is tedious

As the very name indicates, this card is designed to write your ‘to do’ tasks and it is rechristened as ‘Next Action Card’. But, the unique feature of this card lies in its design and contents. These cards can be easily slipped into your valet or into your pocket. It contains various details relating to the task to be completed. If you are busy with some other important work, you can simply handover the Next Action Card to another colleague or to any other concerned staff and ask him/her to look into the work mentioned in the card. But, if you have written down the task in the ‘to do’ list then you will have to write down the task on a different paper or use a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) to enter the task on your computer or lap top or i and certainly it is a time consuming process. In your busy schedule you tend to forget various tasks that need to be accomplished. It is almost impossible to carry your dairy to note down the tasks as and when it comes to your memory. As experts say, you can carry the card even while you are going on your morning walk, or waiting in the office of the client, or while you are on travel; in short as and when the ‘to do’ task comes to your mind you can just scribble the task. Instead, you simply take about 10 or18 cards in your wallet or in a zip lock cover along with a pen. As and when you remember about the task, you can write the details of the task that needs to be completed. In fact, the cards can be organized either on project basis, or on the basis of the staff to whom the tasks are proposed to be entrusted or on client basis; in short you will have complete liberty of organizing the card to your specific need. In fact, you will also have the liberty of making the card project specific or person specific. Does not allow multiplying the task

Perhaps, now you will agree that ‘next action cards’ will not allow you to forget the tasks because you will be carrying the card and scribble down the task as soon it comes to your mind. Now, you can organize the task to your convenience. Delegate the job based on your priority and thereby ensure that the tasks receive their due attention. In the case of ‘to do list’ of your dairy, you will have to strike out the tasks as and when completed. In your busy schedule you may even forget to strike out and after few days you will be wondering whether you have completed the task or not. But in the case of Next action card, such a situation will not arise at all because you will be disposing the card soon after you complete the task. Thereby you will be avoiding the possibility of multiplying the list.

Simple steps can be effective

Some people argue that the Outlook or Excel would serve you the purpose of Next Action card. But, you will not be carrying your laptop all the time or even your smart phone. Instead, you can comfortably carry the cards which can be designed to be almost the size of a business card. On the top of these you must remember that many times, some simple steps would be more effective than depending on some gadgets.

You remain well organized

Some websites give you the liberty to design your card keeping in view your specific requirement. That would be wonderful because you can simply customize the card. This agency has provided you a separate utility where you can submit the customized card. This innovative card has received tremendous applause from the customers. Most of the customers have said it has saved them from the botheration of forgetting important tasks and on the other hand; it has helped them to organize the tasks usefully and in a scientific manner. Browse and you would know more about the utility of these cards.

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